Seasonal Services


  • Spring Clean-UpPower Raking, lawn mowing, edging, cultivating, and cleaning beds
  • Pre-Emergent Fertilizerto kill weeds and prevent more from emerging
  • Mulchingcan serve solely for decorative purposes or, additionally, as a strong weed deterrent 
  • Grub Controlto kill grub eating at grass roots and thus preventing animals from digging up turf to eat grub
  • Weed & Feed FertilizerMay; to continue preventing weed growth as well as proving lawn with necessary nutrients after dormant winter
  • Sod installationeither to replace patches of dirt or entire lawns
  • Landscape/hardscape designs (see portfolio)


  • Lawn Mowingweekly lawn mowing, edging and sweeping property
  • Weed & Feed FertilizerJuly, see above
  • Weed ControlSpraying lawn to kill off remaining weeds
  • Trimming
  • Landscape/hardscape designs (portfolio)


  • Fall Clean-UpLawn mowing, edging, cleaning plant beds, and raking leaves
  • Core AerationPerforating small holes into lawn in order to allow essential nutrients, air, and water to be absorbed by grass roots
  • Winterizer (Fertilizer)Late fall; prepares lawn for winter and promotes growth in spring
  • Landscape/hardscape (portfolio)


  • SnowplowingEither per plow or contractual, contact us for more information 

*DISCLAIMER: This is meant as a basic, easy-to-read list. For more thorough information, contact us.*